Adoption Program

We do not have an infant adoption program or an international adoption program. To learn more about the type of children we have available for adoption, Click Here. If you were adopted or have adopted through the infant adoption program years ago and are seeking more information about birth family members, Click Here.

On a yearly basis there are...

  • 92,729 Investigated CPS Complaints
  • 100 Children died as a result of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • 13,000 Children in Foster Care
  • 3,000 Children Waiting for their Forever Homes
  • 300 Children with no identified adoptive family
  • 925 Children Age out of the foster care system

We are committed to...

C ompassion
H ope
I ntegrity
L eadership
D edication
R espect
E mpowerment
N urturing

Because we truly believe that every child deserves a loving family!