search and reunion

Another common request for information is what individuals need to do to locate a child they released for adoption or a birth family member. To understand the release of information laws in Michigan, you should access the Michigan Department of Human Services Website.

Birth parents and former siblings may file a consent or denial regarding the release of information to the Central Adoption Registry. Forms to do so are available through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

For information regarding obtaining information from adoption files, please contact Carol J. Schiller, Post Adoption Resource Coordinator at (248) 663-0700 or

Confidential Intermediary Program

The Confidential Intermediary Program is available through the court where the final order of adoption was entered. This program allows for search and contact by eligible individuals who may petition the court. Eligible individuals are:

  • Adult adoptees
  • adoptive parents of a minor child
  • an adult child of a deceased adoptee seeking contact with and/or information about a former family member
  • a former family member, which includes biological parent, birth grandparent, or adult birth sibling seeking contact and/or information with an adult adoptee person or an adult child of a deceased adoptee

A confidential intermediary shall make a reasonable search for an individual whose identity is sought by a petitioner. Fees are generally charged for this service. For more information contact the Family Division of the Circuit Court where the adoption was finalized.