Forever Home Run 2021

Lutheran Adoption Service and Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church give you the 7th celebration of the Forever Home Run! The purpose of this event is to increase awareness about adoption and raise funds to support children and families throughout Michigan in finding their forever homes! Please visit our website at to learn more, register, volunteer, or donate.

Without Forever Home Run funds, what LAS programs and services are in danger of being cut or reduced?

  • Ability to provide clinical adoptive parent support groups, individual and family therapy, and additional post-adoption resources will be impacted
  • Program design focused on unmatched children would have to be scaled back, and innovations will be limited
  • Ability to meet the specialized child and family needs in real-time will be inhibited
  • Flexibility for provisions for children that allow children opportunities to explore individual interests (sports, hobbies, camps, etc.) generally available to children outside of the child welfare system that builds self-esteem, resilience, identity, and skills would also be limited.

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