Thank you for your interest in contributing financially to Lutheran Adoption Service! We love the work we do, and truly believe that the children and families that we serve deserve the very best.

Donate Now

We so appreciate donations because they allow us to go above and beyond for our clients. Here are a few examples of things we are able to provide because of generous donors:

  • In-Home Therapy Services: We have a therapist that is able to support families as waiting children transition into the adoptive home. We currently have this program in the metro-Detroit area, and hope to expand to other areas of the state as well.
  • Family Support Groups: We currently have a monthly family support group that runs out of the Troy office. This group brings adoptive parents and waiting families together to share ideas, support each other, and learn new skills related to parenting traumatized children. We would love to expand this across the state as well.
  • Additional Training:  Members of the LAS staff have been trained by the Trauma Assessment Center to provide Parent Resource Training. This training focuses on helping families to understand trauma and the ways in which it has affected their adopted children. It also provides practical ways to help children navigate and heal from this trauma.
  • Support for the needs of our Children: Often children in foster care have financial needs that come up. These needs include prom dresses, basketball shoes for team practice, music therapy that targets specific special needs, etc. When we are able to provide for these needs, we can help these kids to have normal childhood experiences, and receive the best services for their particular needs.
  • Christmas and Birthday Gifts for Unmatched Children: There are many children in our care who are not matched with a family for adoption. They do not often receive birthday or Christmas gifts. We are able to use funding from generous donors to provide these gifts.

We truly appreciate donations of any amount, as they help make a huge difference in the lives of our children and families. We genuinely want to provide the best services we can, and you are a huge part of helping us do this!