Matching Process

mom and son poseOnce your Family Assessment is complete, the matching process is initiated. Your adoption specialist will regularly review your family assessment with the recruitment team to see if there is a possible match. The recruitment specialists will also be informed of the characteristics of your family so that they can communicate that with other LAS offices. Upon approval, you may also begin to inquire about children photolisted on the MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange) website at It is mandated that all unmatched waiting children be photo listed on this website. Children on this site are being served by different agencies across the state, and we will gladly work with you on an appropriate match with a child being served by another agency. Additionally, you may attend LAS or MARE ‘Meet and Greets’. These are events in which approved adoptive families and waiting children come together to participate in a fun activity. It is an opportunity to get to know waiting children in a more personal way.

Once a possible match has been identified, you will be contacted by your worker. Information about the child(ren) will be presented to your family for consideration. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about whether you feel this is an appropriate match. If you desire to move forward, we will provide you all of the information we have about the child in a redacted format.This information might include: foster care reports, medical history, information about the birth family history, educational records etc. You will also be invited to a shared history meeting. At this meeting we will gather all adults that know the child: foster care worker, adoption specialist, therapist, relatives etc. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more. After this meeting, if you still feel it is a good match, you will meet the child. We will do a few supervised visits that include you, your family worker, the child, and the child’s worker. If all goes well, we will then begin the adoption process. If at ANY point during this matching process you do not feel the child is a good fit for your family, we want to hear from you. You know what is best, and we are here to make suggestions.

father and sonAs you can see, the matching process can take place in one of many different ways.  Because matching children with the right family is a complicated process, the length of time it will take for a child to be placed cannot be accurately predicted. Some families receive placement quickly and others may wait years for the right match.

Please keep in mind that it is our responsibility to find homes for the children we have waiting, so families who are able to provide for an older child or a child with special needs are likely to have a much shorter wait.

Our family specialists are experts in this process, so if it seems confusing, don’t worry! We will walk you through every step of the process and will be present to answer all of your questions as we go. We are so grateful for our adoptive families, and truly desire to make successful matches that turn in to loving families.