dayjah photoJoshua

Joshua is smart, active, funny, and kind. He loves sports, animals, and hanging out with friends. He is a leader among his peers, and brings joy to all those who know him!

Meet Joshua



darius photoDarius

Darius is a very fun, active, and creative kid who loves Star Wars and angry birds. Darius enjoys building things out of nothing and creating imaginative stories. He loves the computer and enjoys saying hello at the beginning of his day and then goodbye when everyone leaves class. He always has something to say and can make just about anyone laugh. He does best in a very structured environment with a reliable routine. Darius needs a committed forever family with two parents who can provide the one-on-one attention he needs to thrive. His new parents should be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Darius has asked for a brother and pet in his forever family.

Meet Darius


Davion photo


Ashlee is fascinated by crime shows, stories and books. She loves watching ‘Criminal Minds’ TV series. Ashlee likes hanging out with her friends, movie nights, and playing games. Ashlee’s favorite food is pizza, her favorite color is blue and her favorite animals are dogs. She says she enjoys celebrating holidays and birthdays by spending time with family. Ashlee enjoys listening to music and going on walks to the park. She loves artistic activities such as drawing and painting. Ashlee wishes to travel with an adoptive family. She would love see a lavender field or a sandy beach on the ocean. Ashlee hopes an adoptive family will play games, go shopping and spend family time together.

  Meet Ashlee


rachel photo


He is tender hearted, witty, and intelligent. Noah loves Legos, Lincoln Logs, puzzles, games, and Star Wars. Noah also enjoys riding bikes and scooters.  His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is the shark. Noah likes to read the Dog Man book series. When he gets older, Noah wants to become a magician. A few of the most important things Noah wants others to know are, “I love to play and watch basketball, and I like to be kind.”  Noah says he hopes to have fun with them and go places together with his forever family.

Meet Noah


sibling photo


Christopher is 15 years old. He is active, fun, and kind. He like reading, video games, riding bikes, and board games. Christopher like science, and anime. He is helpful around the house, and likes animals. He would do well in a one or two parent home, with or without other kids. Christopher can be quiet until you get to know him. He would like a nice family to do fun things with.

Meet Christopher


Tyler photo


Katlynn “Kat” is an active, strong-willed, and determined teen. She often presents with a bubbly energy and is a joy to be around. She describes herself as a happy person as well as a good and loyal friend. She is caring and kind-hearted, likes to be there for her friends, and often puts others’ needs above her own. Kat identifies her strengths as being open, outspoken, and friendly. She is a great advocate for herself and does not hesitate to reach out to the adults in her life. When asked what she is most proud of, Kat reports she is most proud of the hardships she has overcome. Her interests include walking, running, hiking, reading, cooking, doing makeup, and creating art. Kat has participated in track, cross country, softball, and youth groups. She also enjoys watching TV and playing UNO, her favorite card game. She is helpful with chores and loves taking care of animals, her favorite being horses. Kat hopes to find an adoptive family that is just as active as she is and hopes they will spend time outdoors, travel, and go camping. 

Meet Katlynn


zach photo


Zach, as he likes to go by, is a young many who likes the great outdoors as well as the chill indoors. He enjoys camping and riding his bike but also likes to stay up late with movie marathons. Zach's interests also include Nerfs and remote control cars. Perhaps an adoptive family can teach him to be a grill master since his favorite food is pork loin. Zach, though quiet and shy at first, considers himself resilient, kind, and helpful around the house.

Meet Zachary


crystalee photo


He is silly, energetic, and sweet. He likes singing and dancing, Legos, and being outside. He likes to eat and spending time with the adults that he is closest to.

Meet Brayden


heather photo


Dylan is a sweet 11 year old Caucasian male. He loves to play outside either building forts, going for nature walks, or making up imaginary games.  He also enjoys camping, fishing, and boating. Dylan wants to be adopted by a loving family who enjoys playing games and being outdoors. If Dylan could go on a trip, he would love to go to a water park! A family for Dylan must have a strong support system and hold a strong routine. Dylan can require extra attention and needs reminded to complete daily tasks.

Meet Dylan