dylan photo


Even though he’s a boy of few words, his caregiver uses plenty to describe Dylan, including silly, fun, very sweet and always happy. Dylan is an energetic and busy boy who loves being outside and playing with cars. “Dylan is imaginative and playful,” says his caregiver. He loves coloring, reading and playing with cars. According to his worker, Dylan “smiles a lot and is always moving around. He enjoys playing with a variety of toys.” His worker adds that Dylan looks out for the welfare of others. “Dylan is a caring boy who can recognize when others are upset and try to comfort them,” she says.

Meet Dylan


dayjah photoKakashi

Kakashi is sweet and silly. He is an affectionate child and loves to receive affection. He can be shy with new people, but likes to help around the house and engage socially with people he knows and trusts. He is fascinated by flags and has an extensive collection. Kakashi also loves seagulls and enjoys chasing after them. He enjoys swinging on his sensory swing and jumping on the trampoline. He also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and enjoys watching the Disney Jr. channel.

Meet Kakashi



darius photoDarius

Darius is a very fun, active, and creative kid who loves Star Wars and angry birds. Darius enjoys building things out of nothing and creating imaginative stories. He loves the computer and enjoys saying hello at the beginning of his day and then goodbye when everyone leaves class. He always has something to say and can make just about anyone laugh. He does best in a very structured environment with a reliable routine. Darius needs a committed forever family with two parents who can provide the one-on-one attention he needs to thrive. His new parents should be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Darius has asked for a brother and pet in his forever family.

Meet Darius


Davion photo


Jason is a sweet and kind young man. He is very quiet and shy until he is comfortable around you. Once Jason is comfortable, he laughs and jokes around, and he easily builds close bonds with others. He likes to be outside and wants to go camping and fishing. He also likes to play Monopoly and volleyball. This young man longs for a forever family to help him gain his independence towards adulthood.

  Meet Jason


rachel photo


Rachel loves to do arts and crafts, such as scrapbooking, coloring and jewelry making. She has an infectious laugh and loves to make others laugh with jokes and stories. Rachel can be very silly, sweet and fun to be around. She loves to take care of animals, especially cats, chickens and horses, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Rachel enjoys spending time with friends, going shopping and reading her favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Rachel is very creative, loving and nurturing.

Meet Rachel


sibling photo


If chill is a thrill then Racheal gets plenty of joy on the weekends and after school. She says she likes sleeping in on her days off, and after school, Racheal enjoys playing on her tablet. When she really wants to chill, Racheal plays with her favorite toys including Barbies and American Girl dolls. Racheal also likes playing Monopoly, which is her favorite game. Her other favorite things include the color blue, zebras and African cuisine. Racheal enjoys interacting with other and especially likes talking with her friend and playing Truth or Dare. “Racheal is very bright and friendly,” says a person who knows her well. She’s quite talented, too, and enjoys singing and dancing. Once she finds her forever family, Racheal hopes to just spend time at home with them.

Meet Racheal


Tyler photo


Tyler is an outgoing, active boy who loves to be outside. He enjoys swimming, hiking, climbing trees, digging for worms, playing on the swing-set, and riding his bike. Tyler also loves to play with Legos. He enjoys anything Ninjago related. Tyler is very goofy and loves to make people laugh. His favorite subject in school is science, and he likes to play with slime. He like sensory objects with different textures. Tyler also loves superheroes and sometimes will pretend to act as a superhero like Batman.  

Meet Tyler


zach photo


Zach, as he likes to go by, is a young many who likes the great outdoors as well as the chill indoors. He enjoys camping and riding his bike but also likes to stay up late with movie marathons. Zach's interests also include Nerfs and remote control cars. Perhaps an adoptive family can teach him to be a grill master since his favorite food is pork loin. Zach, though quiet and shy at first, considers himself resilient, kind, and helpful around the house.

Meet Zachary


crystalee photo


Crystalee is a fun loving girl who loves anything to do with clothing or shoes. She especially loves shoes and will comment on someone’s shoes when she first meets them. She also loves hair and getting her hair done. She loves dancing and listening to music. Crystalee has her own pair of dancing shoes. She also loves to tell jokes and get others to laugh. Crystalee has a contagious laugh and once she starts laughing it is hard for her to stop. Crystalee is very friendly and loves to meet new people. She also loves to give hugs.

Meet Crystalee


heather photo


Even though she doesn’t own a pot ’o gold, Heather still must have a touch ’o Irish in her. After all, her favorite color is green. If Heather had three wishes, one would go for having green carpet and another would go toward having “green everywhere.” However, instead of Lucky Charms cereal, Heather’s list of favorite foods includes yogurt and chicken nuggets. After she’s filled her stomach, it’s time for Heather to fill her calendar with activities. She enjoys swimming, bowling, shopping, going for long car rides and eating at restaurants. She likes watching movies, and “Trolls” is her favorite.

Meet Heather