Jeremiah is an outgoing and fun-loving child who loves to make others laugh by using his great sense of humor. He likes interacting with peers, gets along well with other kids and has lots of friends. “Jeremiah is an outgoing and fun-loving child,” says his worker. “He is very athletic and enjoys being active. Jeremiah loves sports and recently was on a football team. His favorite position is quarterback. He also enjoys running, playing basketball, riding his bike and being outside. Overall, Jeremiah is the kind of kid who would settle in nicely with a future forever family.

Meet Jeremiah


Dayjah is a creative girl who’s described as sweet and loyal. She puts her creativity to work by drawing and doing arts and crafts. Dayjah taps into her imagination by reading, which she loves. She particularly enjoys the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series. This affectionate, nurturing, strong and resilient girl enjoys playing with animals. Dayjah also likes playing board games and looking up words in the dictionary. When she grows up, Dayjah says she wants to become a nurse.

Meet Dayjah


deshawn photoDeshawn

Deshawn is a budding musician who just needs a chance to shine. He loves the thought of making music, and according to his worker, Deshawn wants “to be a part of a music program in school.” He also has musical plans for his future. “When he grows up, he wants to be a musician,” says Deshawn’s worker. He says Christmas is his favorite holiday, which Deshawn celebrates simply by having fun.

Meet Deshawn



Davion fancies himself a mechanic and says that he already fixes bikes and brakes. “He is very into fixing things,” says his worker. “He likes to take them apart and figure how they work.” When it’s dinnertime, Davion is ready for pasta since his favorite foods include mac ’n cheese and spaghetti served on dishes of red and blue, his favorite colors. Davion might enjoy a game of catch since baseball is his favorite sport, although he likes basketball and football as well and follows the Detroit Lions and Tigers.

Meet Davion




Cristal is a bit of a brainiac, and that’s a good thing. She participates in an extended learning program after school. “She's very serious about her education and is doing very well in school,” says Cristal’s worker. Cristal takes pride in being accepted into a special school program, and one of her goals is to get a full scholarship for college. Maybe that will help her fulfill another goal, becoming famous.

Meet Cristal