Jeremiah is an outgoing and fun-loving child who loves to make others laugh by using his great sense of humor. He likes interacting with peers, gets along well with other kids and has lots of friends. “Jeremiah is an outgoing and fun-loving child,” says his worker. “He is very athletic and enjoys being active. Jeremiah loves sports and recently was on a football team. His favorite position is quarterback. He also enjoys running, playing basketball, riding his bike and being outside. Overall, Jeremiah is the kind of kid who would settle in nicely with a future forever family.

Meet Jeremiah



Dayjah is a creative girl who’s described as sweet and loyal. She puts her creativity to work by drawing and doing arts and crafts. Dayjah taps into her imagination by reading, which she loves. She particularly enjoys the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series. This affectionate, nurturing, strong and resilient girl enjoys playing with animals. Dayjah also likes playing board games and looking up words in the dictionary. When she grows up, Dayjah says she wants to become a nurse.

Meet Dayjah



deshawn photoDarius

Darius is a very fun, active, and creative kid who loves Star Wars and angry birds. Darius enjoys building things out of nothing and creating imaginative stories. He loves the computer and enjoys saying hello at the beginning of his day and then goodbye when everyone leaves class. He always has something to say and can make just about anyone laugh. He does best in a very structured environment with a reliable routine. Darius needs a committed forever family with two parents who can provide the one-on-one attention he needs to thrive. His new parents should be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Darius has asked for a brother and pet in his forever family.

Meet Darius




Davion fancies himself a mechanic and says that he already fixes bikes and brakes. “He is very into fixing things,” says his worker. “He likes to take them apart and figure how they work.” When it’s dinnertime, Davion is ready for pasta since his favorite foods include mac ’n cheese and spaghetti served on dishes of red and blue, his favorite colors. Davion might enjoy a game of catch since baseball is his favorite sport, although he likes basketball and football as well and follows the Detroit Lions and Tigers.

Meet Davion



Rachel loves to do arts and crafts, such as scrapbooking,   coloring and jewelry making. She has an infectious laugh and loves to make others laugh with jokes and stories. Rachel can be very silly, sweet and fun to be around. She loves to take care of animals, especially cats, chickens and horses, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Rachel enjoys spending time with friends, going shopping and reading her favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Rachel is very creative, loving and nurturing.

Meet Rachel




Amber is a very friendly and affectionate person. Amber loves to laugh and make others laugh by acting silly. Amber loves animals, especially bunnies, and wants to have lots of bunnies for pets when she gets older. Amber enjoys the supernatural, including werewolves, witches, mermaids and vampires. Amber enjoys reading books and watching movies about mythical creatures. Amber gets along well with her peers and loves to attend social events.

Meet Amber



Tyler is an outgoing, active boy who loves to be outside. He enjoys swimming, hiking, climbing trees, digging for worms, playing on the swing-set, and riding his bike. Tyler also loves to play with Legos. He enjoys anything Ninjago related. Tyler is very goofy and loves to make people laugh. His favorite subject in school is science, and he likes to play with slime. He like sensory objects with different textures. Tyler also loves superheroes and sometimes will pretend to act as a superhero like Batman.  

Meet Tyler




Joe is a sporty, active child who loves to play baseball. Joe also loves to read and is currently reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. He likes books with pictures in them that match what he is reading. Joe also likes to draw. He usually is carrying his sketch book and pencil around and draws different things that he sees. Joe also loves animals. He knows how to care for different farm animals like chickens and goats. Joe also enjoys playing outside.

Meet Joe





Connor is smack-dab in the middle of making his boyhood rounds. For instance, he has a natural curiosity and “loves to indulge his senses,” says his worker. “Connor loves to figure out the mechanics of things and is very creative.” He feeds his creativity by listening to music and playing games on his iPad. He also is very helpful and caring.

Meet Connor




Cheyenne is a fun young lady who enjoys being creative, reading, and drawing. She loves being a "girly girl" sometimes and getting her hair and makeup done. Cheyenne has become more in touch with her emotions and has made great progress being able to express her feelings. She does well in school and enjoys being around her peers. She also enjoys taking care of animals and would like to be in a home with pets. Cheyenne would do best with experienced parents, especially parents who have knowledge of childhood trauma. Cheyenne is very helpful and would make a great addition to your family.

Meet Cheyenne





Crystalee is a fun loving girl who loves anything to do with clothing or shoes. She especially loves shoes and will comment on someone’s shoes when she first meets them. She also loves hair and getting her hair done. She loves dancing and listening to music. Crystalee has her own pair of dancing shoes. She also loves to tell jokes and get others to laugh. Crystalee has a contagious laugh and once she starts laughing it is hard for her to stop. Crystalee is very friendly and loves to meet new people. She also loves to give hugs.

Meet Crystalee






Excuse Donavin for escaping into his imagination for a few moments while dreaming of having a blast driving the Autobahn in a Mercedes. Or perhaps a Porsche. “He would love to visit Europe so he can drive a foreign car,” says Donavin’s worker. While he’s still in his dream stage, Donavin might play with remote control cars or take an imaginary spin on a dirt bike. Then Donavin could start training to become a mechanic, his dream career.

Meet Donavin