Adopting is not as hard as you may think!

Our requirements are flexible and we welcome all people who wish to provide a loving home for a child.

  • Married, divorced or single- all family compositions welcome
  • Men and women
  • You don't have to be wealthy or own your home
  • You can live in an apartment
  • You can have other children
  • You can work, as long as you have adequate child care arrangements
  • You don't need a set level of education

You don't have to be Lutheran to adopt through Lutheran Adoption Service.

african american girlWhat is the Process?

Prospective adoptive parents attend an orientation and training program, and then file a formal application. Lutheran Adoption Service will conduct a thorough assessment of your family. We will identify a child or sibling group we think might be a match for your family. You will be provided with redacted information about the child(ren) so you can evaluate whether you think the child will be a good fit.  We will then schedule a meeting with other adults who know the child well, so you can ask questions.  If the match seems appropriate, you will be able to begin visiting with the child. After the child is placed in your home, we will supervise the placement for at least 6 months until the adoption is finalized.

Who Can’t Adopt?

Certain types of criminal history, major mental or physical health concerns, or lack of adequate space for a child are a few of the factors that may preclude you from adopting.  The assessment process is very comprehensive and is designed to help us ensure that we don’t have any concerns about a child’s safety in your home.

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