Our Impact

Our Mission

las logoLutheran Adoption Service, motivated by the gospel of Christ, exists for the purpose of providing adoption services to children who cannot be raised by their birth parents.

Lutheran Adoption Service is an extension of the ministries of Samaritas and Wellspring Lutheran Services and strives to be responsive, creative and caring in its approach to enhancing stability in the lives of children and families it serves.

Our mission really gets to the heart of what we are all about. We care about the quality of the services we provide, because we deeply care about the children and families that we serve. We are constantly looking for creative new ways to improve our services and do better for our deserving clients because we truly believe that EVERY child deserves a loving family!

Our Goals

  • To find safe, loving homes for waiting children
  • To create permanence for children by building forever families
  • To connect children to lasting adult relationships
  • To go above and beyond to provide for the special needs of waiting children
  • To support adoptive families prior to adoption, during the process of adoption, and after adoption
  • To make the community aware of the need for forever families, and ways they can be supportive of waiting children and adoptive families

Some LAS Facts

  • LAS completed 422 adoptions in 2017
  • In any given year we work with approximately 500 children, and around 100 of these children are unmatched meaning they do not have an identified adoptive family
  • We have 8 offices statewide, and are one of the largest adoption agencies in the state of Michigan
  • We serve children in the foster care system who are unable to return to their birth homes
  • We do NOT have an infant adoption program, OR an international adoption program
  • We do provide post adoption services